forthcoming exercises

by Carrie Hintz

Article-writing exercises/ activities

  1. Choose someone more or less at random from the class. Arrange to meet at least once in the next 2 weeks to talk about your papers.   Plan to exchange what you have written so far and arrange to help each other find at least 2-3 sources/ theoretical works of interest. You will then switch to another discussant after those two weeks, so that you have a chance to work with more than one person.
  1. Optional Analysis of a sample article [encouraged]

Choose an article that you admire—and one that represents the kind of work that you want to do (and that is the kind of work you are capable of doing).

In point form (either in the Dropbox or on the blog) answer the questions below (I encourage point form so that you do not labor too much on your answers…the key thing is to truly examine the article).

You might want to choose an article that is also serving as a secondary source for your paper.

  1. Consider the title of the article. Does it work well? Did it motivate you to read the article in the first place?
  2. How does the article begin and end? How does it introduce its fundamental argument? How much of the article is given over to the introduction? Conclusion?
  3. How does the article marshal evidentiary support and proof? Do you see any flaws in the argument? What aspects of the article render it convincing to you?
  4. Evaluate the style of the article. What makes it well written? What would you change if you could?
  5. How would you describe the methodology of the article?
  6. Is the article interdisciplinary in nature and/ or rooted within the specific discipline of English?
  7. How does the article use/ draw on literary theory or philosophy? History?
  8. How does the article use secondary sources/ work of other critics generally? How does it stake out new territory?  Are you convinced of its originality?
  9. Anything else you’d like to say about the article?